Previously Recorded Wave Sessions

Signed Buyer Agency Contracts Made Easy with Shon Kokoszka

Join Shon Kokoszka for a free webinar to learn his proven techniques to easily get prospective homebuyers to sign buy side agreements. Shon will discuss his presentation and scripts to consistently close over 200 transactions per year… with several $100,000 commission months!

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Are You Ready for the Next Shift in Real Estate with Nikki Buckelew

Without question the next big shift and your next big OPPORTUNITY in the real estate industry is going to be largely impacted by our aging population. This Age Wave is being referred to by experts as the “Senior Tsunami.” The first wave has already begun to sweep the nation.

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Secrets of Goal Setting with Nikki and Chris Buckelew

Goal setting is essential and there is no doubt that without goals we lose focus and risk not reaching our potential. But what are your goals based on? How do you define a goal? Ask yourself, 'What vision do I see for my life?'

Are you stuck in the day to day or paycheck to paycheck rut? Have you lost sight of your dreams or even worse, never taken the time to dream? If all you desire is to pay your bills, then that is all you will accomplish.

But if you wish to access all the things in this world that are available to you... you must identify your true desires. For our Universe is abundant so you must explore what it is that you desire. Create Your Vision. Your Vision for Your Life.

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13 Ways to Defeat the Top Agent in Your Market with Ben Kinney

How would you like take down the top producer in your local real estate market? You know... that person who claims, “I don’t do any marketing because all of my business comes from referrals.”

Ben has been picking off the top agents in his market at an alarming rate. In fact, his team is on pace to close over 600 transactions this year. Reserve your seat now!

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The Language of Sales with Dianna Kokoszka

Selling real estate is a challenging profession; success depends upon your ability to distinguish yourself in a marketplace crowded with other agents competing for the same customers. The most important tool you possess is your language. You must master it; know what to say and how to say it. This course is an absolute must for all sales agents.

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Mastering Short Sales with Knolly Williams

Short sales are not do it yourself projects. There are key reasons a lender will accept less than what is owed on the property and conversely there are deal killers that will eliminate the short sale. This session shows you the whole process from short sale lead sources to negotiating with the bank to avoiding pitfalls. If short sales are an opportunity in your market you need this course.

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Price the Listing Correctly the First Time

Sellers are upside down and want to list their home above market price. Buyers believe every listing should be discounted by fifty percent. Determining property values and convincing those values to buyers and sellers has become a very challenging conversation. The truth is that you know your local market and the market determines the selling price. This course will instruct you on how to persuade the seller to list their home to sell, the power to say “no” and when necessary, how to implement an effective price reduction strategy. If you have ever listed a home that you knew was too much money and wish you hadn’t listed it this course is for you.

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Accountable Internet Lead Generation with Ben Kinney

The power of the internet is in its ability to quickly digest and present information; the Achilles heel of the internet is that it is a vast sea of digital anonymity. The latest NAR statistics, show home buyers gravitate towards the internet as an initial search tool (81%) but before initiating contact drive by the property (73%). The key is to harness the power of the internet but still capture that consumer to identify them and follow up. After all a lead is only as good as the validity of its contact information. This session teaches you how to leverage the power of the internet and eliminate anonymity by using search engine optimization, syndication, single property websites and mobile marketing.

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Green Building Technologies: Become an Expert to Build Value with Mark Canada

Understanding and being able to communicate the difference between passive solar and solar panels will open new avenues of business for you. While green building design has become trendy of recent, it has been in practice for years. There are likely many green design concepts in your resale opportunities that this course will help you identify; so you can build value in your listing and selling processes. For over twenty five years Mark Canada has designed residential properties using passive solar, rain harvesting, electric photovoltaic panels, solar hot water heaters and geothermal and radiant heating and cooling. You’ll also learn how to provide guidance on federal and state tax credits, rebates and subsidies. If green building is of interest to your buyers and sellers, you need this course.

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